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Labiaplasty or vulval surgery is amongst one of the most common plastic surgery female genital procedures. Women all over the globe get labiaplasty for various reasons, including but not limited to, ease in exercise, hygiene, comfort, and health issues such as urinary tract infections, amongst others. This procedure involves the tucking of labia minora to reduce its size and make the labia majora cover over it. Several Labiaplasty surgeons perform this surgery but with the matter being so sensitive, only the best one should be opted for.

Choosing the best Labiaplasty center in Manhattan is a task itself and a well thought out decision needs to be made for surgery as sensitive as this. Our suggestion? Choose Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, who is a top of the line local labiaplasty surgeon operating in Manhattan. 

5 Reasons To Choose Dr. Carolyn Delucia To Be Your Labiaplasty Surgeon:

1) Expertise:

Our company, Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, has been a general obstetrician-gynecologist practitioner for almost 20 years now. Dr. Carolyn started her practice in 1992 and has been in working in the same field ever since. With a desire to always learning and progressing, she has increased her area of expertise to not only the ob/GYN field but has also gained unexcelled experience in anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgeries. She is known as a vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty surgery expert in Manhattan with several satisfies customers.

2) Relatability:

Labiaplasty is also widely practiced by male surgeons but being a female Dr. DeLucia has that added advantage. We are more familiar with the female predicaments and rightfully able to guide all our female patients with all their issues and concerns related to labiaplasty, being able to answer all their Labiaplasty FAQs with firsthand experience and knowledge. As a female, the patients also generally feel more comfortable voicing their issues and getting the procedure done from a female doctor.

3) Comfort and Ease:

Having a yearning to learn and not just stick to traditional methods, Dr. DeLucia is always consciously working for her patients to feel at ease with the treatment. She uses non-invasive and non-electronic procedures for Labiaplasty, with the comfort of her patients being her topmost priority. Knows as a firm refuser of the modern capitalist medicine practice that forces doctors to treat their patients as only money cashing devices and giving less time to every patient, she believes in the patients as more like her friends. She strongly focuses on creating a strong bond of trust and comfort with all her patients and invest her maximum time in the care and concern of her patients. Making her not just any other commercial Labiaplasty surgeon, but a well-known and leading female genital and cosmetic practices surgeon.

4) Reasonable:

Resonating with women and knowing how important such procedures are for the well-being of women, Dr. DeLucia has made it her prime goal to keep her treatment costs very reasonable so that all women that need it can easily afford to get Labiaplasty done without having to compromise on their finances or go to an unreliable or shady place for Labiaplasty and risk their well-being just to get it at a cheap price.

5) Reliable:

Dr. DeLucia also has the prestige of being a regional trainer for Coolsculpting, Femilift, and the Vampire Procedures, adding more credibility to her practice. She is honored to not only have expertise in female procedures but is also training other practitioners and spreading her knowledge.

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