Ultimate Intimacy Course

by Dr. Carolyn DeLucia 

Dr. DeLucia has been treating women for nearly 30 years as a board-certified OB/GYN and now specializes in intimate health.

Since expanding her attention to sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation, the FemiLift and O-Shot are just a few of her tools to return the vagina to normal health and function. 


We are also proud to share that Dr. DeLucia is a regional trainer for FemiLift, Coolsculpting, and The Vampire Procedures. She enjoys developing long lasting relationships with like-minded physicians through teaching and working together to improve women's intimate health. 


By doing this program you will learn: 

  • The ways to maintain the best intimate life. 

  • The basics of anatomy and sexual function in aging as a sexual being. 

  • You will explore non-invasive procedures such as lasers and other energy-based devices that can treat female genitalia. 

  • You will learn how regenerative procedures are available to activate stem cells to help healing. 

  • Hormones are a significant factor in sexual function, you will understand how they change and effect our intimate health throughout life and how to manage them. 

  • And finally, you will learn how and when you can have these procedures if desired or necessary.