Dry Vagina New York NY

Do you feel an itch that you cannot avoid scratching? You may have a classic case of severe vaginal dryness. The vagina does not need a moisturizer like the rest of your body. A dry vulva is a red flag for more than just a dry surface. It signals severe medical issues like a thyroid imbalance or autoimmune illness.

How does dryness feel?

Most patients know they have a dry vulva because they experience discomfort in the pelvic area during sex or at random times of the day. Vaginal dryness thins the wall and sensitizes the skin to have more itching and burning. You will likely have irritation and soreness when you pee due to the extreme vaginal dryness and pain and be more susceptible to UTIs and frequent urination.

Vaginal dryness causes and treatments


The most common cause of vaginal atrophy is a massive drop of estrogen. This case occurs when one gives birth or goes through menopause. Other factors  of vaginal dryness basics:

  • Medication like anti-depressants and allergy meds

  • Specific foods

  • Excess alcohol intake, which dries the body of its optimal moisture content

  • Breastfeeding

  • Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Diabetes

  • An autoimmune disorder like Sjogren’s syndrome

Strange myths about natural remedies for vaginal dryness

Use eggs

Yoni eggs are a popular fad in the community because people swear that they can improve your sex life, heal dryness and tighten the vulva. Spiritualists state that specific stones will promote healing energy for overall wellbeing. The truth is that eggs do not have any biological capabilities to alleviate dryness. Instead, they trap moisture and put you at risk of bacterial vaginosis and other yeast infections.

Use douches

Douching is the process of rinsing the vagina with solutions that promise to heal dryness or balance the ph. The US Department of Health advises against douching because it increases the chances of spreading STIs. Do not douche or use any soap around the vulva because you could force more bacteria into the tubes and ovaries.

Use steams

The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and will do its work just fine without external help. Steaming the vagina to increase moisture is a potentially harmful and extremely short-term solution.

Best way to treat vaginal dryness

  • Femilift – It improves laxity, elasticity via a non-surgical procedure

  • O-shot – It rejuvenates the vagina’s skin

  • Hormone replacement therapy – HRT replaces lost estrogen and happens in several different ways, including the use of implants, patches, and tablets. HRT has a strong effect on the body and is one of the best at producing lasting results.

The vagina is one of the fascinating parts of the human body because of its hidden yet accessible twists and features. It is best to update your information on vagina dryness, from the usual old wives’ tales, old, outdated scientific beliefs, and self-limiting myths. We bust some common myths of vaginal health when you call us for an in-depth consultation. Contact Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, M.D., (646-781-9980) for a free consultation with a women's doctor.